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StormRax Specifications


This Specifications describes HDPE Trash Racks and their use in storm water management ponds and basins.


The resin used for Structural Plastic Trash is glass reinforced HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Virgin material must be used to insure that all of the expected mechanical properties are maintained throughout the life of the Trash Rack. The added rigidity provided by the glass must meet maximum deflection values as shown below. In addition, the glass content must not cause the material to become brittle even in cold temperatures (-0 degrees F). The grid used to manufacture Trash Racks must conform to the following mechanical properties:

Loading Rating:                                                                                                              2030 lbs. /sq. ft.

Ultimate Yield Strength:                                                                                                    1855 lbs. /sq.ft.

Maximum Deflection (@90 degrees F):                                              <2.00 inches ( over a 22" x 22" area)


Due to the fact that Trash Tacks are continually exposed to radiation, UV protection must be incorporated into the resin to prevent premature degradation of the plastic material. Therefore, the UV protection must meet or exceed ASTM D2565-99


The colorant must be homogeneous and must not fade, run, discolor or deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and/or the elements for the life of the Trash Rack.


Each Trash Rack design must account for both the physical and hydraulic factors that the Trash Rack is expected to see during its intended product life. Mounting locations must be determined by taking into account the hydraulic dynamic force factors for each individual application. Failure to use the pre-drilled holes (as supplied by the manufacturer) could result in product breakdown, malfunction and/or collapse. All mounting hardware (3/8" x 3" steel anchor bolt) is included with each rack.


Grid material is 1 ½" thick with 5/8" webbing 6" on center, producing a 4 ¾" square opening. Anti-vortex plates must be available for whenever hydraulic calculations dictate their use. Access door(s) must be available for easier access to larger structure/stairs. All metal stiffeners must be made from steel and powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

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